Who is the Sassy Environmentalist?

Heyyy! I’m Eileen, the creator of the Sassy Environmentalist. I have been an advocate for the environment for a long time and I started this blog to help you make your world a little bit greener.

This blog is all about living a sustainable, frugal, and, of course, sassy, lifestyle. We’ll talk about the joys of thrift shopping and my undying devotion to mason jars.

We’ll cover climate change and waste management too, since I currently work in the waste management industry and, well, waste is my sh*t. Literally. I’ve seen a lot of rubbish in my day. It may get messy around here, is what I’m saying.

Eileen the Sassy Environmentalist

Sassy Facts:

Plants in tilted fishbowl

Stick around, and I’ll give you the poop (not even sorry about that one) on all kinds of green lifestyle topics along the way.

But mainly, this blog is about the best tips and tricks I picked up along the way in my transition to living a happier, more sustainable lifestyle and how you can use them to do the same.

Be prepared – there might even be a few sassy snippets here and there because let’s face it, this is the SASSY environmentalist after all and not the HAPPY environmentalist.

But before we get any further, let me just make one thing clear: I am a realist first, environmentalist second. I believe in “everything in moderation”. I still eat meat, though not a lot a lot, and I drive a car. I don’t live completely waste free, and I don’t claim to be the poster child of living off the land and off the grid, because that’s not who I am. I am a modern-day young professional, with a 9-to-5 job, who is trying to do a little good in the world. And I am still a work in progress.

I hope that my journey inspires you. With the current political and physical climate, we need to take action fast so the world doesn’t end up as a literal trash dump. We need to speak up for our rights and we need to ask for help when needed.

Some say that it only takes one person to change the world, but I believe that one person can also inspire a plethora of people to change the world with them. Numbers count. Join me, and let’s sass our way together to a greener, more sustainable world.